What Is the NVQ-J?

The National Vocational Qualification of Jamaica (NVQ-J) is a certificate of competence that is recognized island wide as well as in the CARICOM and Commonwealth countries.

The award is proof that you have the skills, knowledge and understanding to perform in accordance to workplace requirements. The award is based on the demonstration of performance outlined in the Competency Standards for a qualification.

The NVQ-J certification is awarded at five (5) levels:

Level 5 -- Managerial, Professional Worker
Level 4 -- Supervisory, Specialist Worker
Level 3 -- Independent/Autonomous, Skilled Worker
Level 2 -- Supervised Skilled Worker
Level 1 -- Directly Supervised Worker


The NVQ-J provides the opportunity for more working age Jamaicans to get formal recognition of their competence. The NVQ-J can be awarded to:

  • High school graduates
  • School leavers without graduate certification
  • Workers in the labour force
  • Re-trenched (displaced) workers seeking new skills to re-enter the workforce
  • Self-employed individuals



  • A certificate which attests to competence
  • Awarded on the achievement of competence in a qualification plan
  • Recognized by employers island wide
  • Recognized in CARICOM and Commonwealth countries
  • Based on standards determined by industry
  • Recognized by regional and international awarding bodies


NVQ-J and the Individual 
  • Provides relevant qualifications that are internationally recognized
  • Proves that an individual has attained competence in a given set of work activities
  • Ensures a better match of pay to ability and responsibility
  • Enables an individual to make progress in his/her career by moving from one level to another
  • Provides clear learning goals so that an individual can see what skills are needed to become fully competent in a particular work function


NVQ-J and the Employer
The NVQ-J can help the employer to:

  • Find the right workers
  • Measure worker’s skill and experience
  • Recognize worker’s achievement